10 Reasons Everyone Should Try A Long-Distance Relationship At Least Once

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog

Nobody sets out to be in a long distance relationship. No one is like, “I think I’d rather NOT see my significant other that often, but then spend all my money on plane tickets.” But with jobs, school, and amazing opportunities abroad, it’s just so easy to accidentally fall into one. Still, it doesn’t have to mean your relationship is doomed. When both parties are both truly committed and secure with themselves, it can be surprisingly fun to have two places to spend your time. Here are ten reasons to not despair over your LDR:

1.You have the emotional security of a partner, but the bustling social life of a single lady (that goes for men, too. Everyone knows single ladies have the most fun).

Nice as it is to share every waking moment with your person, it’s so easy to get caught in that antisocial cycle of comfort and…

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