Like Atoms, Our Relationship Was Mostly Just Space

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog

Atoms are mostly space. It isn’t profound, basic chemistry we all learned in middle school. This is an atom, it is the building block of life. An entire universe upon these invisible particles we cannot see but trust they exist. Another lesson in blind faith., tiny particles compounding to create our life.

I could feel the space between us, even though you were breathing next to me. Your atoms were miles away, suspended in a dream far too fleeting to include me. Your memories were liquid, empting me out, letting others fill your thoughts.
They used to be for me, but somewhere along the way we sprung a leak. I took on your water, filled myself to save you.

You can’t leave someone like that. Someone whose atoms were whole before they met you. A field filled with flowers as they blossomed in the sun. A warm soul filling the…

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