How To Be Friends After It’s Over

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog


I will call you by your given name. Private nicknames are devious creatures; they make me feel like we have something that just the two of us have. There should be nothing that only the two of us have.


Don’t tell me about your day.

Don’t ask about mine.


Stop calling me on the phone. When we talk, you laugh a lot, and when you laugh I think of you happy and it makes me feel good and I want to make you laugh some more and only you and why does your voice sound like you’re smiling all the time? Make it stop.


I will provide you with my silence, give you space, because we need air and it’s getting harder to breathe when you’re near.


Don’t tell me you’re tired from a long day, or you’re sad, or you’re confused or when you’re…

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