6 Tips To Help You Survive Your Breakup

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog

I have not always been successful in relationships, to say the least. This means I have been through my fair share of break ups. Luckily, most of these have ended as amicably as possible. Others…not so much. No matter why or how they ended, they have all usually been followed with a period of tears, self-pity and sleepless nights followed by unfocused days at school or work.

I played the “What If Game.” What if I had done something differently? Would things have turned out the same? What if I was more/less available to him during our relationship? What if we had met earlier/later in life? What if we just take some time off to get our heads straight? Is there hope that we can be together again one day?

I’ve found one Truth in the What If Game. You will never really know. And that was always very hard…

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