5 Reasons Why So Many Relationships Fail Miserably

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog

5 Reasons So Many Relationships Fail Miserably

1. A lack of commitment.I’ve mentioned it before, but the unwillingness to be all in has created the “talking to” phenomenon. Are you talking to anyone? Of course, we talk to lots of people, but dating with an actual boyfriend/girlfriend label and loyalty is different. There’s no comfort or ability to fully trust a promise-less fling. Living in such a vague, foggy dating world puts everyone at risk to have their heartbroken. We search for true love and instead find false hope.

2. Blasting every negative moment of your relationship on social media. The angry Facebook status telling everyone about your breakup, followed by a lovey-dovey one revealing your reconciliation seven hours later is beyond unnecessary. After a while, everyone will hate the thought of your relationship being a thing that exists. This goes for any association you carry in life. If you publically displayed every qualm you’ve…

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