Month: August, 2013

5 Kinds Of Love You Will Experience In Your Life

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog

1. The Love That Would Remind You How Simple It Is To Feel.

The kind of love that would take you back to a boy in your high school halls and how you quietly gush about how cute he is when he smiles and how you write creepy entries on your diary that one day he might drive you home and you’ll get your happy ending. Believe me, this is the purest and the best kind of affection there is.

2. The Love That Changed You.

We can always look back to that one person whose love was either too good or too bad for us that it changed us. They could have showed us how dark abyss could be turned into a whimsical garden or they could have rocked the solid walls that guarded our petty hearts and we crumbled instantly to their feet. And like rubble, they left…

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On Being On Your Own

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog

As children, we are taught to believe that romantic love is the end-all, be-all and that we cannot be happy until we have obtained it. We watch movies where men with sharp jaws, who say they will do anything for love, sweep women off their feet. We obsess over our parent’s relationship, trying to set them up with the mailman or the barista, believing they cannot possibly be happy without romantic love. We hear stories about people who “need” their lovers, who “can’t live without” them. We believe all these fairytale as if they are facts.

When I was younger, I would sit around in a circle with my friends at sleepovers and we’d imagine our wedding days. We’d try to draw the faces of our future spouses. We’d plan our dates with cute boys and maybe cute girls and imagine falling head-over heels for someone who reads all the…

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10 Gut Feelings You Should Never Ignore

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog

1. When something feels “off” even if everything looks perfect, and logically, there’s nothing wrong. Because logic has nothing to do with it.

2. On the contrary, when something feels inexplicably right for you, even if the after-thoughts are that of fear or embarrassment.

3. When that little voice rears it’s ugly head and tells you at the most mundane moment: but you don’t really love them.

4. If you feel as though you are in danger. Don’t worry about looking “crazy” because it seems like there’s nothing plausibly risky to anybody else.

5. That there’s something wrong with your body; an illness, whether it’s benign or not. If you even have an inkling that something feels off beyond your usual day cold, have it checked out. It is always worth it in the end.

6. The moment something happens and you say to yourself instantly, this isn’t going to…

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One Day Things Will Work Out And I Hope It’s Tomorrow

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog

One day, the right stars will align themselves, and you’ll find yourself where you should be. In the morning the sky will burst in pink and gold, and the sunlight will pool around you. The universe has tipped itself in the angles of impossible, and you will find, it has all fallen into place.

The cracks in your heart, they’ll remain, no amount of sun filtering through can fill them, no laughter can, but you will know, like everyone who has lived through a sadness, any sadness- that you will fall into the gravity of tomorrow. It’s inevitable. You aren’t the first person to want to just disappear in your duvet in the morning, and you won’t be the last. You’ll wake up, and the half-second infinity when the morning sun washes the tips of your eyelashes white hangs on your shoulders like a curse. You’re still alive.

It feels…

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7 Reasons Why, Exactly, You Should Travel

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog

Let’s face it: traveling takes planning, is expensive and, depending on where you’re going and who you’re going with, can be a little nerve-wracking. Your Facebook feed may be giving you wanderlust — what with that one rich friend posting an endless stream of cocktail-clinking photos in Mykonos — but to take the plunge yourself, to say, “Looks like it’s time to leave my comfort zone for a while,” is still a serious decision.

Nonetheless, it’s one of the best decisions you can make. There are always a million reasons not to do something, so when it comes to hopping in that plane, train or automobile and leaving behind what you know for however long, be it one week or one decade, there are many truly great reasons for why you should indeed start packing your bags. After all, there are certain things about yourself, about others, and about life…

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How To Love Someone

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog

I’m not talking about the kind of love that comes in passionate sweeping ecstatic bits. I’m not talking about the love that leaves us breathless with hormonally-infused and socially projected chemical responses that we’re doing something right. I don’t mean the love that takes us far from where we started, but that which brings us back, and that which acquaints us with who we are. Not the outbursts of passion that drive us to madness. Not the false pretenses under which we fall into believing we’ll never survive without someone– not the love we attach ourselves to for the sake of self-assurance. Not the feeling that drives us to the obsessive and compulsive withholding of someone, but the love that fills us up and lets them go.

Love someone genuinely. Love the funny little things about them. Reassure them. Let your time together be an experience, not a chore or…

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The 5 People You Will Fall In Love With

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog

1. The person who doesn’t fall back in love with you.

This is just going to be brutal, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it to make it less so. This is the time in your life when all your family and friends are going to descend on you like a pack of well-meaning vultures to gnaw the last bits of patience from your emotional bones, telling you about how not a big deal it all is. But the thing is, it’s an enormous deal. When you love someone and they don’t love you back, there is probably no worse feeling in the whole world. And all you can do is ride it out. I would say to take comfort in the knowledge that we’ve all been there, but when it’s happening to you, you could not care less what everyone else has been through.

2. The person you…

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Why You Can’t Let Go

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog

You know what you’re holding onto. I know what I am. And I also know that there are many others that have, are, or will be, holding onto something as well. Sometimes it’s for a minute and sometimes it can last for years. Regardless, it’s debilitating. It’s paralyzing. It keeps you stuck in what could have been.

After we seek all the advice we can, it usually rounds out to the same thing: it’s time to let go and move on. If you’re anything like me, just reading that sentence made your heart sink a little and you’re filling up with resistance, shame and anger. You don’t want to let go. You want to hold on until you’re right. You want to hold on until the situation resolves itself the way you want it to.

Because what’s the alternative? You have to go on without that person or thing that…

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What I Think About Love

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog

The first experience of love for most of us is from our parents. I am no different. I always knew that I was loved as a child by the people I call “Mum” and “Dad.” I was also brought into the world with three older brothers as siblings. And no doubt, even as a child, I knew that my brothers loved me very much. They always made a fuss over me and they are part of the reason that growing up, I felt very spoiled with love. But I think the first real lesson I learned about how to give love and not just receive love was the day I became a big sister.

Thirteen years later, my favorite memory and the best day of my life is still the day my sister was born. I will never forget the feeling of that moment of looking at her for the…

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I Don’t Want To Love You Anymore

by Kimverlyn

Thought Catalog

I don’t want to love you anymore because I want to go to sleep. The hours tip toe around one another, while I’m wide-awake, talking the ears off of the sheep above my head. They are smoking cigarettes, rolling their eyes, yelling profane things back at me hoping I’ll just fall asleep already so they can go about their nightly business.

Because I want to be able to go on a date with someone new and not think about you. Not compare the poor lad’s jaw structure to the ways of your chiseled face or think about how I can’t wait to order oysters as an appetizer because I know you’d be thrilled to share them with me. I want to be able to French kiss someone else without thinking about the swirls of your tongue on the roof of my mouth, like defined brush strokes on a familiar canvas.

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