6 Positions Your Heart Can Be Broken In

by Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog

1. On Call

It’s hard to say no sometimes, especially when the request is coming from a person you have feelings for. Whether it’s lust, like or love, they have a tight grasp on your emotions and when they come calling, you can’t even spell “no.” Sure whenever it’s you sending texts and invites to spend time, you get blown off, but that won’t matter or persuade you to resist. Short notice? You’ll still be there in a heartbeat.

The worst part is the regret afterwards. You spent time when it was convenient for them even though you know damn well that they aren’t willing to return the favor in the future. Hopefully the quick fix is worth it because now the person you’re addicted to is gone and you have no idea when you’ll get your next injection of their attention to ease your burning habit.

You’ll convince yourself that…

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