What Most Boys Want In A Girlfriend

by Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog

The world seems to think men are supposed to be assertive yet deferential, aloof yet emotionally supportive, a conversationalist but also a beast in the bedroom. Every time we speak to women, whether at a party, at work, or in the privacy of your thin-walled Greenpoint bedroom, we are expected to put on a perfect show: to be charming yet genuine, to draw you in, but not too hard or too fast. It seems like women are always complaining about men, because a irresolvable conundrum has been established: Be A Man but don’t be That Kind Of Guy. Desire us sexually, but not just for sex, treat us like an equal, but Take The Lead. It can sometimes seem like an impossible and tedious chore pleasing you.

For so much of our romantic life, we are treated like prizes. You brag about us to your girlfriends, you trawl our Facebook…

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