Things To Remember When You’re In A Relationship

by Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog

Remember your friends. Friendship is not a vase you can stick in a corner and dust off when you’re ready to use it—it’s a live thing that must be cared for, nourished. Whether you’re in a relationship for the next few months or the rest of your life, your friendships are important and necessary. They will keep you from spinning out of control in ways that your relationship can’t. Don’t neglect them or take advantage of them.

Don’t neglect or take advantage of your partner, either. Remember that they are a person with a family, a dream, a past. Let them be human and make the mistakes you’re both bound to repeat over and over again. Pick your battles. Let them have a bad day at work. Let them call you when they’re drunk. Let them pursue what’s important to them, even when it doesn’t include you.

Pursue what’s important…

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